June 22, 2024
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The Sologne forests and wetlands

Un étang en Sologne (2)Un étang en Sologne

Bord de l’eau

The Sologne marsh lakes were created in medieval times by the monasteries for fish and also as a means of draining the land. Nowadays, these hundreds of stretches of water contribute to making Sologne one of Europe’s foremost wetland areas with a rich variety of fauna and flora. Very close to Neung sur Beuvron you can visit the Etang de Beaumont with its large well-equipped hide (see the link).

La forêt en Sologne

There is no intensive forestry in Sologne. Most of the forests are managed so as to attract game (boar, deer, wildfowl) – the undergrowth sees plenty of light and is full of flowers and mushrooms. Although they are private land, all these woods are easily accessible by many rural paths (82km just for the commune of Neung !). It’s ideal for discovering the countryside by bike or rambling. One of the nicest paths starts in the Rue des Prés where our gîtes are located. You can just wander for an hour through the woods as far as the new footbridge on the river Beuvron or make a real hike of it and go the whole circuit for about 4 hours, crossing the river twice & passing by farms, chateaux and lakes.

Forêt - chemin

Forêt - sous bois

Neung in Winter

La rue des prés Chemin des Prés Arbres

Pont Le Beuvron Fin/début du chemin 

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