June 22, 2024
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Gîte “La Pierrette”

La Pierrette

La Pierrette (Gîtes de France N°868) is an entirely restored small solognot house in brick and half-timber at least 200 years old.  All the rooms are downstairs (kitchen corner – living room, one bedroom and the shower room).

Entrée séjour        Coin canapé

Coin cuisine        Chambre

The house opens onto a patio (south facing) and a courtyard and garden, including a herb garden and parking space.

Vue fenetre chambre     Vue fenetre cuisine

A path winds 120 metres through the wooded grounds to the banks of the Beuvron (fishing possible). Close by the house is a small bike shed which can be locked. Another larger shed is furnished (table, chairs, cupboards, workbench) and fitted with lighting and a power socket. Tap with well-water nearby.

Bords du Beuvron aval      Bords du Beuvron

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